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The article explores the historical and psychological aspects of artificial intelligence (AI), tracing its roots back to the 1920s. It discusses how society's views on AI have evolved, oscillating between utopian and dystopian perspectives.

The article delves into the psychology of thinking about the future, suggesting that our thoughts on AI are a reflection of current societal fears, hopes, and desires.

It also highlights the contributions of various thinkers and visionaries, such as Marshall McLuhan and Ray Kurzweil, who have offered both optimistic and cautionary viewpoints on the integration of AI into society.

The article concludes by stating that as AI becomes more prevalent, our mixed feelings towards it are likely to intensify.


"Experts, governmental agencies, and even some of the general public are growing concerned about the evolution of robotic artificial intelligence and its potential impact. How long will it be before massive metallic creatures are marching down our streets killing people with unfathomable weapons? How long will it be before they physically take over governmental agencies and control nations?

But wait a minute. Isn’t the physical domination of people an outdated concept? It was the modus operandi of imperialists two centuries ago when they had vastly superior resources, like weapons and well-trained and coordinated military forces.



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Our Robustness Perspective?

The article provides a comprehensive historical and psychological perspective on AI but lacks a focus on "Robustness and Reliability" of AI systems.

It doesn't address how the rapid advancements in AI necessitate robust algorithms that can operate safely and reliably in real-world conditions.

This includes not just technical robustness against errors or adversarial attacks but also ethical robustness to ensure that AI decisions align with human values.


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