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Advai Versus

Advai Versus is a versatile Workbench of developer tools designed to rigorously stress and evaluate your AI systems. It seamlessly integrates into your MLOps architecture, enabling your organisation to interrogate data and AI models efficiently. Whether it's testing for biases, security, or other critical aspects, Advai Versus ensures your AI models are robust and fit for purpose.


  1. Ideal For: Organisations that need comprehensive assurance in the robustness and reliability of their AI models.

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Key Features


  • //Automated Integration:
    Streamlines services into MLOps architecture for enhanced functionality.

  • //AI Model Assurance:
    Our team will rigorously evaluate AI models ensuring they meet your standards.

  • //Comprehensive Testing:
    Offers a range of services to test various aspects, including bias and security, aligned with topological considerations.

  • //Red Teaming:
    Assures and challenges AI models to fortify them against potential vulnerabilities.
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Red Teaming

Intentionally break your AI

Advai breaks AI on purpose, so it doesn’t happen by accident.


Cognitive probing tests

Techniques that determine what/how the AI perceives and ‘thinks’.


Multi-modal testing

Computer vision, facial recognition, language, complex systems; more.


Boundaries for operation

We define AI model robustness parameters for appropriate field use.


Detect AI model attacks

Recognize when your systems are being duped, influenced or poisoned.


End-to-end metrics

Our tooling can sit at each stage of data pipelines.


Missing data and reliability

We test data quality and identify gaps in your system’s training data.


Valid for any AI model

We can work with any vendor to improve any system’s models.

You can trust robust AI.

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